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photo-1467033164380-dd411c553655Ganila Mitra is a company engaged in the field of modern aquaculture by applying the principles of environmentally friendly and sustainable aqua farming.

Our Vision

20160220_112312Help educate the aquaculture public regarding the benefits of applying Best Aquaculture Practices and the advancing scientific technology that directs them. By implementing BAP standards, we can better meet the demands of the growing global market for wholesome seafood produced in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

Our Mission

20160401_172122_CompressImplements aquafarming projects that are focused on achieving production efficiency and sustainability of aquaculture through synergy of genetics, health, nutrition, environment and management. Further, it seeks to build a unified network of clients who benefit from the synergy of collaboration.

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Dolago Village
Parigi Moutong
Central Sulawesi

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