Ganila Mitra

A company engaged in the field of modern aquaculture by applying the principles of environmentally friendly and sustainable.


Our Vision

Help educate the aquaculture community regarding the benefits of the implementation of the good aquaculture practices (GAP) and technological advances. By applying the standard GAP, we can meet the demands of the growing global market for seafood that is healthy and produced in an environmentally friendly and social responsibility manner.


Our Mission

Implement aquaculture projects that focus on achieving production efficiency and sustainability through synergies of genetics, health, nutrition, environment and management. Build an integrated network between stakeholders to benefit from the synergy and the existing cooperation.


Shrimp Farming Aquaculture Method

(Litopenaeus Vannamei)


most applicable by traditioal farmers
  • No food supply
  • No biosecuity
  • No technology applied
  • Required extensive land
  • Small capital investment
  • Unpredictable result

Super Intensive

the highest capital requirement
  • Full infrastructure
  • Tight SOP
  • Biosecurity
  • Bioscreening
  • Water reservoir
  • Recirculating system
  • Water treatment