Why we farming vannamei shrimp?


Vannamei Shrimp (Litopenaeus Vannamei) is one shrimp species came from the West Pacific Coast of Latin America, but later spread to Asia and was introduced in Indonesia in 2001. The shrimp known as white shrimp has now emerged as a potential commodity in almost all Indonesia regions.

The shrimp which many say has a high protein and savory flavor of meat is highly favored by the people in the country and abroad. So no doubt that Vannamei export is increasing from year to year.

What makes business of vannamei selling well and profitably? Panama’s shrimp origin has an advantage in a good adaptation rate which makes the possibility of death becomes small. If the survival rate is high enough then the farmer will be spared from the big loss.

In addition, harvesting vannamei shrimp is quite fast because it has a rapid growth rate in the first and second month. Just imagine, in just 15 days, since stocking eggs, Vannamei been chopped PL 6 or post larvae are ready to be harvested and sold to farmers.


Business Prospect of Vannamei Shrimp

With that several advantages said before, the market was then responds well. With the quality and affordable price make vannamei shrimp always become special selection for sellers and buyers. Not only for domestic market, Indonesia’s vannamei shrimp production now also has become a favorite commodity for a classy restaurant serving abroad.


Vannamei Shrimp Business Selection

In vannamei upstream business of at least there are three business options that can be taken is breeding shrimps (hartchery), rearing prawns and run them both. Both has its pros and cons.

As hartchery which has an advantage in the lack of capital issued, but there are shortcomings in the difficulty of taking care of juveniles and small profits. If you have a large capital, you can run the business of growing the juvelis or can be run both ways, ie breeding and rearing of shrimp. With the efforts of hatchery and rearing, you will gain even greater.

One more advantage to be gained from rearing efforts vannamei shrimp is an easy marketing factor because when harvesting, you do not need looking for a buyer. There will be a large wholesaler who are ready to buy your shrimp.